The End of 2013

I’ve had an excellent conclusion to 2013, and it just so happens that I have the pictures to prove it.

Downright flurrious, if you ask me
Downright flurrious, if you ask me

Our post-Hannukah family travel schedule was altered a bit when road conditions and a need for new tires changed our plans a little β€” the false start became a full day of driving to the opposite side of the state to my father’s home in Orange City.

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What passes for principled leadership these days

I think I’m going to be an Independent for the rest of my life. If the future of the Republican Party is division, greed, and an infectious selfishness that serves as a creamy center for a candy shell painted as patriotism there isn’t really much hope for them to do anything but ensure their own dwindling influence. If Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee are the best they can do, they’re in serious and very weird trouble.

β€œThere are some of the old guard in the Grand Old Party that frankly don’t approve of the kind of principled leadership being shown by the new conservative leaders like Sens. Cruz, (Rand) Paul and (Mike) Lee,” he said, referring to the conservative senators from Texas, Kentucky and Utah.

β€œSome Republicans have even gone so far as to call them names. Well, I have a name for these new leaders, too,” Fischer said. β€œI call them the future.”

Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chairman David Fischer in the Des Moines Register