The Windows Store Sucks

I went to upgrade a Windows 8 VM to Windows 8.1, and I was directed to the Windows Store. Upon arrival, I didn’t see anything announcing Windows 8.1 for me, so I did the sensible thing and searched for “Windows 8.1”.

This is what I got back:

Repackaged freeware for $5 and a bunch of other irrelevant crap
Repackaged freeware for $5 and a bunch of other irrelevant crap

Is this a joke? In an attempt to have a more open marketplace for software so that they can position themselves as a better App Store than Apple’s they apparently didn’t account for the fact that their users now have a darkened alley they must walk down to find anything they actually would want to buy. Not to mention that their own signature product doesn’t show up on the store that you’re directed to when you search for it.

I’d have a better experience shopping for insurance on! This is like going to the Bad Mall in your town. The one with the food court that has discarded needle containers in the restroom and an Arbys staffed entirely by high school students that perpetually display flu-like symptoms.

This is not the way an App Store should be run. This is a free-for-all marketplace for hucksters and snake-oil salesmen.


I know I’m a bit risquΓ© from time to time, but this is a little severe don’t you think? πŸ˜€

I’ve opened a request on the support forum and will no doubt be receiving an exceptionally verbose response repeating my question back to me, and then having an escalation engineer do the same with the added bonus of allowing the domain to be setup for service so I can resume testing. A visit to the support forum has given me much entertainment in terms of overly cautious customer service.

While I was there I got to help a user subscribe to Jewish Holidays calendars via HebCal in’s Calendar so my karma surely is sufficient for swift resolution.

Protected? I'm guessing Inappropriate. You pervs.
Protected? I’m guessing Inappropriate. You pervs.

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