Create, edit and (optionally) display a journal article, entirely in GitHub.

In contrast to the more traditional process of submit > peer review > publish at PeerJ, or even the less formal preprints at PeerJ Preprints or arXiv, Paper Now is an experiment to see where the future may go with scholarly communication. Initially, it may be that co-authors collaborate either privately or publicly on GitHub and then proceed to submitting to PeerJ or other journals for formal peer-review or preprinting. Or perhaps this is where the traditional medium of publication begins to diverge. There is no end goal other than to see what the academic community wants, which is why this is completely open to fork, extend, and build upon.

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Sometimes I Feel Embarrassed, and Other Times I Feel Insightful

Now and then I come across old (very old) emails, or notes I wrote long ago and I am often a little embarrassed by what I was thinking at that moment, or at least in how I went about communicating something to another person. I often feel like if I ran into myself as I was 15 years ago today I’d punch myself in the nose. ((Having said that, I think I’d probably want to punch myself in the nose if I ran into myself as I am today more often than not.))

But tonight I found something I wrote that is admittedly a little abrupt and dismissive about a horrific event, but also managed to remind me about something beautiful blooming from the shadows it cast.

Originally written September 25th, 2001

The stable tilt of Earthโ€™s axis keeps us well out of all this trouble. Although some have blamed Westerosi seasons on a wobbly planetary axis, we reject this suggestion as nothing more than sinister Casterly Rock propaganda. As even Ser Gregor could tell you, a planetary moon [3,4] precludes axial excursions by stabilizing the tilt.