Mona Lisa’s Smile: Casting Begins

the Mona Lisa was completed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1517
What made her smile?

When Leonardo was painting the Mona Lisa, art historians have offered numerous theories. One of them is that he was trying to capture expressive portraits that he saw in the faces of the people around him β€” faces that seem to be saying multiple things as they change from one emotion to the next. Personally I see a slight sly smirk, especially when viewed in my peripheral vision. When discussing this painting, my wife came up with a theory that I found fascinating.


Fredrik Averpil’s Fujifilm X100s Camera Profile

Fredrik Averpil’s DNG Camera Profile and Presets for the Fujifilm X100s provide a more accurate representation of colors and makes Lightroom’s representation of colors more similar to Apple Camera RAW’s presentation. He bought an X-Rite ColorChecker so you don’t have to!

It’s worth bookmarking and following from time to time, there is a chance it receive some updates:

Please note, the camera profile has been made from a sunlight D55 and a fluorescent. I will replace the fluorescent with tungsten when I get the chance and provide such a dual illuminate camera profile as well.