I’ve encoded a collection of IRIX 6.5 sounds from the 4dwm desktop environment suitable for use on iOS devices. Now you can amaze your friends and colleagues with an iPhone alert of the 4dwm file manager’s “rm” sound! Relive the glory days of BUGTRAQ, where new local root exploits for your Indy were available on a weekly basis!

Anyway, even if you are completely disinterested in or don’t know what IRIX is, these are nice discrete tones for alerts.

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iOS IRIX Alerts


Have you seen this man:

He has perfect pitch
He has perfect pitch!

First things first, he’s not Brazilian, and as it happens my favorite Brazilian chastised me for referring to him as such in spite of the fact that the YouTube video plainly says that he is Brazilian. He’s not speaking Portuguese, he’s speaking Spanish.  Who knew someone on the Internet would be wrong about something?

Anyway, I love this guy’s voice for some inexplicable reason, so once again I wound up my copy of Audacity and scrubbed some audio a bit and cranked out an iPhone ringtone of this gentleman playing three different notes and singing three decidedly amazing MUH‘s.  There is a couple of seconds padding between each and I maintained them in the loop, so you can hear him MUH the same three notes over and over again until it goes to voicemail.



(Because I’m cool like that that, I’m also sharing the MPEG-4 AAC audio file for non-iPhones.)

“Thanks, PHONE!”

One of my favorite moments on 30 Rock is in Fireworks, when Will Arnett‘s Devon Banks has come up with a brilliant idea for a celebrity promotion involving a mobile phone.

Devon: Celebrity snuff. Reality content made exclusively for your mobile phone: Oh what’s that? MC Lyte just murdered Danny Bonaduce? Thanks, PHONE!

Devon Banks is thanking his phone.
“Thanks, PHONE!”

Ever since that episode aired, I am fond of thanking my phone every time it does something helpful. Because of that, I did the only sensible thing and made it into an iPhone ringtone (m4r) suitable for importing into iTunes.   The attached archive is a zip file containing the m4r file, because I’m too lazy to configure WordPress to allow me to upload an m4r file.

30 Rock-Devon Banks-Thanks Phone.m4r

It’s almost as good as when G.O.B. is demonstrating his prowess as an Ideas Man, Michael. But that’s another ringtone for another day.