Filosync beta

Have you ever wanted to benefit from using a service like Dropbox for easy and accessible cloud storage without handing over your unprotected data to a third party? Filosync gives you a lot of the benefits of Dropbox or similar services but allows you to have control over the storage and sync service by using encryption and Amazon Web Services.

You run the App, give it your AWS credentials, and you’re done. A safe remote storage service for synchronization.

Filosync is currently in beta, and is headed by Stefan Reitshamer; who is also the author of Arq, the best backup software for the Mac, full stop.

launchd and Unison

I need to polish these up a bit before sharing, but I have a couple of little scripts that monitor my Documents directory and my .dotfiles directory and keeps them in-sync with the NAS at my house.

Yes, synced, not archived. This means if I change a file ~/Documents on my MacBook Air, it magically appears in ~/Documents on my desktop Mac at home.

I’m quite pleased with myself as you may imagine.