Non-plussed in Gmail

Finally, Gmail will stop bugging me about Google+ unless I am using Google+ on purpose!
Now Gmail will stop bugging me about Google+!

One of the things I find the most annoying about Gmail is actually the Google+ odometer that shows me how many notifications I have for things on Google+. Until I can get things into Google+ via IFTTT or other means I rarely use it anyway, so the big red number just distracts me and gives me a bad case of the distractions.

This is a very simple userstyle that I installed with Stylish, (Chrome) (Safari) and set to be applied  to all URLs on the domain ‘’. This means when I’m using other Google services like Drive, Search, or what-have-you, I see the notifications, but when I’m trying to focus on email, I don’t.

Yes it’s just that simple. While you’re in there, you can change the fonts that Gmail uses as well. I’m fond of Envy Code-R for monospaced fonts and plain-text email, and kind of partial to Segoe UI for the Gmail interface itself.

Not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it makes Gmail much more tenable for me.