If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the 2016 presidential candidates, gender will be part of the campaign in an unprecedented way.

“If men dislike Clinton more [than other Democrats], it’s partly sexist,” says Featherstone. “If you hate Hillary because she reminds you of your ex-wife, that is sexist. If you dislike Hillary because she has dedicated her life to the neoliberal polices that have screwed you, as a working person, that’s not sexist.”

Decoder ring: “shrill“, “opportunistic“, and “because cankles” are also sexist.

Women dislike Trump at what appears to be an unprecedented level for a national politician.

Source: Women Hate Donald Trump Even More Than Men Hate Hillary Clinton


“…women exist primarily in terms of their relationships to the men…”

To briefly recap: Before last Tuesday’s primaries, a “super PAC” called — you really can’t make this stuff up — Make America Awesome ran ads on social media targeting Mormon voters in Utah. The spots showed images of Donald J. Trump’s wife, from a 2000 photo shoot with British GQ. “Meet Melania Trump. Your Next First Lady,” read the text, over a shot of a sultry, nude Mrs. Trump, curled up on a fur. “Or, You Could Support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.” (Ted Cruz was not pictured.) Naked Lady Politics — JENNIFER WEINER


The Shut-In Economy

That’s the other side of this, the gender one. The errands being served up by the on-demand economy — cooking, cleaning, laundry, groceries, runs to the post office — all were all once, and in many places still are, the jobs of stay-at-home mothers. Even now, when women outnumber men in the formal workplace, they continue to bear the brunt of that invisible domestic work, often for many, many hours a week. So women — those who can afford it, at least — have the most to win from passing that load on to somebody else.

via The Shut-In Economy.


American women are finally as unhealthy as any American man

The U.S. ranks at number six for “economic participation and opportunity” and ties for the top slot with many other countries for educational attainment, but it falls at 33 for “health and survival” and 60 for political empowerment. The country made a slight gain in women’s representation in Congress this year and there were also small gains in women’s labor force participation rate and the gender wage gap. The report notes, “The United States has fully closed its gender gap in education and health.”
World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report: 2013


the End of kindness

What a magical age we live in, where harassment and intimidation is seen as sport, and sad jilted men trade degrading messages and photos about the women that said no. Revenge porn, trolls, and a threatening faceless mob of the forever alone; and most of it orbiting the imminent threat of women’s sexuality.

Easily one of the best articles I have ever read on the subject of harassment and abuse online.

Twitter threats are just one example of online harassment. In July The Washington Post published a story about men who post phony ads to make it appear as if their ex-wives or girlfriends are soliciting sex. One man, Michael Johnson II of Hyattsville, Maryland, published an ad titled “Rape Me and My Daughters” and included his ex-wife’s home address. More than 50 men showed up to the victim’s house.

“Ultimately, all these actions would be treating the symptoms and not the cause,” Criado-Perez told the audience. “Social media doesn’t cause misogyny; the police can’t cure it. What we really need to do is sit down as a society and take a long hard look at ourselves, in order to answer the question: “Why are we producing so many people who just seem to hate women?”

Greg Sandoval for The Verge


Microsoft’s Xbox One Reputation System

“There’ll be very good things that happen to people that just play their games and are good participants,” said Lavin. “And you’ll start to see some effects if you continue to play bad or, or harass other people en masse. You’ll probably end up starting to play more with other people that are more similar to you.”

This is fantastic news — I hope Sony is working on something similar. I recently noted that I wished online gaming had a way to sift assbags into a smaller sandbox and this story has made me optimistic.


Thank you Jennifer Hale, for Ms. Shepard

Mass Effect: The Need For Strong Female Characters – Up at Noon

What Commander Shepard actually looks like
What Commander Shepard actually looks like


On the IGN show Up at Noon, Greg Miller sits down with Jennifer Hale to talk about the Mass Effect series, one of many games she has been a voice actor on; and discusses the necessity of having more strong female characters and leads in video games.

I have never played through the Mass Effect series as a male Commander Shepard, partially out of reluctance to be a one-dimensional head-cracking meathead but primarily because Ms. Shepard is just a better character to play.

This video is most predictably a honeypot for raging mouth-breathers like the ones I’ve written about previously, featuring such gems as:

This guy may be a member of the proud and not at all insufferable "Men's Rights Movement"
This guy may be a member of the proud, responsible, and not at all insufferable “Men’s Rights Movement” or “Seduction Community”

So feminists have apparently ruined Sci-Fi Fantasy for pasty misogynists everywhere, and the final refuge of the armchair lady-haters is under siege by the horrifying spectacle of women being portrayed as equally capable as men. I am admittedly curious if Theodisc is the kind of fella that needs to reinforce his masculinity every day before he can ride his big wheel on down to the local Game Stop to impress his peers with exciting tales of homophobia conducted entirely on Xbox Live, but not enough to want any contact with someone that may be still contagious with Category Five Stupid. A quick trip to other comments this person has made indicates that it’s a really important crusade he’s on, another practitioner of the proud Internet Warrior Tradition.

If it ruins gaming to have more female characters and to put a much-deserved end the sweaty sausage fest of vidya games, I don’t see any problem with that — You’ll always have Leisure Suit Larry.