i’m warding off FOMO and hope to share my thoughts on the VITURE XR glasses soon

i’ve been reading a lot of articles and reviews about Apple Vision Pro, and it’s very exciting being in this technology curve. i am ordinarily a Rev A person in spite of protesting otherwise, but i haven’t even done a demo of AVP, because there isn’t even an Apple Store when i’m here in IOW, but i’ve got a hardware refresh cycle happening and i just did kid iPads and haven’t even done my gear yet!

one of the features i am the most interested in is Spacial Video, and around the holidays several companies started offering XR glasses intended for entertainment and gaming use cases, and a couple of them now allow you to watch Spacial Videos recorded on Apple Vision Pro, or with my iPhone. so i got a pair of VITURE XR glasses and i also got the type-C splitter for power and connecting to my phone or iPad, and the Neckband device.

the VITURE’s real stand-out feature was that they have diopters on the glasses, so i can use them and also hand them to someone else that doesn’t have vision as bad as mine. i’m drafting a bit of a review, because i have a lot of opinions about it and i’m still not certain i’m keeping it after the last five days but it’s an interesting device that does a couple of things really well that i appreciate as someone that floats between two households and spends a bit of time in airplanes regularly.

as a productivity tool, the VITURE XR glasses may as well be a bag over my head, thought. i had higher hopes for that. i suspect 70% of my usage of it has been plugged into a Steamdeck. and aside from typical linux bullshit when it comes to graphics and audio, i have really enjoyed being able to play a little bit of THE FINALS or Destiny 2 when the 8yo is crashing in my bed.