If Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the 2016 presidential candidates, gender will be part of the campaign in an unprecedented way.

“If men dislike Clinton more [than other Democrats], it’s partly sexist,” says Featherstone. “If you hate Hillary because she reminds you of your ex-wife, that is sexist. If you dislike Hillary because she has dedicated her life to the neoliberal polices that have screwed you, as a working person, that’s not sexist.”

Decoder ring: “shrill“, “opportunistic“, and “because cankles” are also sexist.

Women dislike Trump at what appears to be an unprecedented level for a national politician.

Source: Women Hate Donald Trump Even More Than Men Hate Hillary Clinton


“…women exist primarily in terms of their relationships to the men…”

To briefly recap: Before last Tuesday’s primaries, a “super PAC” called — you really can’t make this stuff up — Make America Awesome ran ads on social media targeting Mormon voters in Utah. The spots showed images of Donald J. Trump’s wife, from a 2000 photo shoot with British GQ. “Meet Melania Trump. Your Next First Lady,” read the text, over a shot of a sultry, nude Mrs. Trump, curled up on a fur. “Or, You Could Support Ted Cruz on Tuesday.” (Ted Cruz was not pictured.) Naked Lady Politics — JENNIFER WEINER


“I just want my fair share – which is all of it.” — Charles Koch

How ‘Dark Money’ Shapes US Politics

Jane Mayer takes on the Koch Brothers [1,2,3] – “For decades, billionaire libertarians Charles and David Koch have spent millions trying to reduce the size of government and slash regulations, making the brothers a target of the political Left and campaign finance reformers. But few people have dug deeper into the Koch empire and family history than New Yorker staff writer Jane Mayer, author of the new book ‘Dark Money‘. Among other revelations, she alleges that the brothers hired private detectives to investigate her after she published articles critical of them. We talk to Mayer about the book and about what the rise of Donald Trump means for the Kochs and their allies.” (previously)

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Sarah Palin Ties Noose, Climbs Step-stool

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What passes for principled leadership these days

I think I’m going to be an Independent for the rest of my life. If the future of the Republican Party is division, greed, and an infectious selfishness that serves as a creamy center for a candy shell painted as patriotism there isn’t really much hope for them to do anything but ensure their own dwindling influence. If Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee are the best they can do, they’re in serious and very weird trouble.

“There are some of the old guard in the Grand Old Party that frankly don’t approve of the kind of principled leadership being shown by the new conservative leaders like Sens. Cruz, (Rand) Paul and (Mike) Lee,” he said, referring to the conservative senators from Texas, Kentucky and Utah.

“Some Republicans have even gone so far as to call them names. Well, I have a name for these new leaders, too,” Fischer said. “I call them the future.”

Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chairman David Fischer in the Des Moines Register