Hobby Lobby’s Sponsorship of a 40 Year Pattern of Moral Failure

For years, Hobby Lobby has been funding a radical fundamentalist ministry which up until very recently was run by a hell-bound pastor accused by more than 30 women of sexual harassment and molestation. One of his victims of his sexual advances was 17 years old. The curriculum at their “training institutes” includes a heavy dose of sexism, theocratic chauvinism and outright misogyny, and the importance of obedience to the whims of “Godly men” like himself that tell a life-long victim of sexual assault that she was an irresistible temptress from the age of 8.

  1. The Gothard Files: a Case for Disqualification
  2. Charlotte’s Story (Trigger Warning: Account of Abuse)

Shut up, Hobby Lobby

Massive grats on raising the number of abortions performed in the United States, #HobbyLobby1.

“A new study by investigators at Washington University reports that providing birth control to women at no cost substantially reduces unplanned pregnancies and cuts abortion rates by a range of 62 to 78 percent compared to the national rate.”
WUSTL: Access to Free Birth Control Reduces Abortion Rates

Seeing the Supreme Court acknowledge that the “religious beliefs” of a corporation are completely irrelevant when it comes to blood transfusions, or any number of other medical treatments that are also none of their business makes this decision even more disgusting. It would be one thing if their ignorance of medicine was consistent — it would still be wrong and idiotic, but at least then it would just be the garden-variety stupid we’ve come to expect.

Radical conservatives and Hobby Lobby would never settle for garden-variety stupid — their moral compass, magnetized by misogyny, guides them through the wilderness of equality for all Americans towards bullying in the form of institutionalized slut-shaming.

It isn’t all bad news though; the more galvanized and defined their prejudices are, the easier it becomes to dismantle and dispose of these temporary obstacles to equality, dignity, and liberty. These attempts to find some solid footing on their moral high ground is especially difficult for them because they’re thrashing in quicksand. While it looks like they may have been handed a rope; it’s just enough to give an equally gruesome alternative to drowning.

It’s important to have a choice.