Sun Comes Out, Icicles Melt

The sun is starting to make appearances more often, but the last few days have been below zero degrees Fahrenheit. It’s hard to not be a little optimistic that warmth will soon return when the ice around me begins to melt away. My optimism was somewhat squelched by the subzero days that followed, but this week promises we will see temperatures rise above 30 degrees soon, even if it’s temporary it will be a ray of warmth in an otherwise very cold winter.


I AM an asshole, but this wasn’t my idea

Hello, Book Bag and Coffee Cup. Good morning, Purple Scarf and BlackBerry.

You are correct: I’m a selfish asshole, but that isn’t why I’m sitting in a seat on the bus with my bag next to me as I was holding it for my imaginary friend.

I’m sitting like a jackass because Iowa City Transit hasn’t consulted a ruler or some other magical measuring device to know they have reduced the seat space too far and now accommodate fewer passengers on the goddamned bus. Brilliant move, dicks.

Look at all this legroom. So luxurious!

So if you want to sit next to me, North Face and Scrubs, you can sure as shit try, but don’t look all indignant when you sit halfway in the aisle because I’m taking too much room. Take it up with the Bus People, and good-day.



I wish I had somewhere to go

There are days where I really luck out on my lunch hour and get to catch a performance in the rain.

This fellow is named Alan, and he is banned from a local corner store called The Den after a feud with the owner who sounds like a bit of a dick if you ask me. Alan is a ramblin’ man, with calloused hands, a thick head of hair, and a beautiful guitar that he accompanies through a variety of music perfect for hearing on a rainy day.

a musician belting out covers of Conway Twitty in addition to songs he's written
a musician belting out covers of Conway Twitty in addition to songs he’s written

I was fortunate enough to catch an admittedly poor recording of one of his original tunes and I enjoyed meeting him. He’s never met an Emory before, and it pleased me to be the first.