Robert Capa was there, man

There are now 125 previously unpublished photos by Robert Capa on display at the International Center of Photography in New York. He is mostly known for his monochrome photojournalism, and his photographs of the liberation of Paris are especially moving.

The ICP has over 4,000 new transparencies (who knew he shot so much in color!) in their collection, so I suspect more will come in all good time.

Robert Capa’s Unpublished Color Photographs Debut at ICP – LightBox


The growing global cyber-war and the marketplaces that fuel it

I really don’t like the term “cyber-war”, but what else are you going to call it when nations are weaponizing exploits to infiltrate other nations?

When unleashed into the wild, exploits can wreak havoc. A zero-day Java exploit was used by unknown hackers allegedly linked to China to penetrate Apple and Facebook’s internal systems. Zero-day exploits obtained from Gamma Group, a British “technical surveillance and monitoring group,” were allegedly used to sneak powerful surveillance software onto the computers of Egyptian, Bahraini, Ethiopian, and Malaysian dissidents.