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Create, edit and (optionally) display a journal article, entirely in GitHub.

In contrast to the more traditional process of submit > peer review > publish at PeerJ, or even the less formal preprints at PeerJ Preprints or arXiv, Paper Now is an experiment to see where the future may go with scholarly communication. Initially, it may be that co-authors collaborate either privately or publicly on GitHub and then proceed to submitting to PeerJ or other journals for formal peer-review or preprinting. Or perhaps this is where the traditional medium of publication begins to diverge. There is no end goal other than to see what the academic community wants, which is why this is completely open to fork, extend, and build upon.

via PeerJ/paper-now.



Succinctly, Amber runs on your web server, analyzes your published content, and archives the things you link to. If a browser follows a link and it isn’t available, AMBER will intervene and dish up a mirrored version from the local store on your web server.

It isn’t SaaS. It isn’t a global peer-to-peer network of connected cloud thingamajigs. It’s a piece of software that runs on your server and it doesn’t need to check in with anyone.

AMBER — from The Berkman Center for Internet & Society