Hysterical Literature: Session Two: Alicia @ YouTube

This is easily the greatest reading of Leaves of Grass ever made.

Hysterical Literature is a video art series by NYC-based photographer and filmmaker Clayton Cubitt. It explores feminism, mind/body dualism, distraction portraiture, and the contrast between culture and sexuality.

Watch other videos in the series, read essays from the participants and writers, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Chrome Web Store – Readline

Readline for Chrome is an extension that allows you to select text and use that cool Spritz speed-reader thing that made the news last week. Set your words-per-minute, adjust focus preferences, and you’re on your way. Each word in an article is presented in the middle of the browser window and you can quickly read a lot of text in much less time. I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this implementation or method versus the Spritz reader, but I can say it’s a neat demo.