The End of 2013

I’ve had an excellent conclusion to 2013, and it just so happens that I have the pictures to prove it.

Downright flurrious, if you ask me
Downright flurrious, if you ask me

Our post-Hannukah family travel schedule was altered a bit when road conditions and a need for new tires changed our plans a little — the false start became a full day of driving to the opposite side of the state to my father’s home in Orange City.

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Marriott Orlando Airport: I give you a ‘D+’

Tell Moses in the Attitude Café and those useless so-called valets that they’re now promoted to the Worst Hospitality Staff on the East Coast. And I survived the Worst Western in Atlanta, so I know what I’m talking about.

Room service people were very nice, as we’re the cleaning staff. But that isn’t enough to compensate for the monumentally terrible service at every other point in a five day visit.

Also, AT&T WiFi is fucking terrible. I cannot even believe they have the balls to charge for it.