Sun Comes Out, Icicles Melt

The sun is starting to make appearances more often, but the last few days have been below zero degrees Fahrenheit. It’s hard to not be a little optimistic that warmth will soon return when the ice around me begins to melt away. My optimism was somewhat squelched by the subzero days that followed, but this week promises we will see temperatures rise above 30 degrees soon, even if it’s temporary it will be a ray of warmth in an otherwise very cold winter.



I was awaiting news from a friend, who knows a gal, that knows a guy. I had a question that I wanted answered and he seems to be the person that is uniquely well equipped to drop such science on me. On the way back from my lunch, a tap on the shoulder, a breeze across my cheeks, up, up, look up swirling out of mist and light, barely corporal and yet real.

“This is no good at all, we need to let more light in,”

the mist becomes rain, the fog drifts low. The walls are still rigid and now damp with the tense utterance. Like too much has been asked, and they strain under the weight of what they have been commanded.

“There, there,”

“We only do the best we can.”




I was lucky enough to get to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson tonight at the IMU. He was incredibly enthusiastic and emotional, and it made for an amazing lecture and Q&A session.

I am raging that I somehow missed this.