So I strung up an improvised whole-house intercom with an old iPhone, an iPad, and my computer downstairs. Careful tuning on the voice activation and amplitude versus SNR settings will result in a pretty reliable whole-house speakerphone intercom system.

I’m running the standard Mumur service on a FreeBSD server. Seems to work well and compensates for the background noise of my daughter’s noise machine in her bedroom while still giving me a heads-up if she’s upset about her nightlight turning off or needing someone to tuck her in again.

Mumble as an ad-hoc Whole-House Intercom


In late 2013, Lightroom 5 was $149, I paid ~$80 for Edu pricing.

Lightroom 6 will probably have similar Edu pricing (but I’ll be damned if I could find out how to buy it anywhere).

This time around, for Lightroom 6, I elected for a year of Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, which includes Lr Cloud shenanigans for photos and Adobe Photoshop for $9/month. “You fool! You’re renting software!” says the dweeb in the corner with his Vic 20 and Mac LC III, “You should buy the software and own it!” but at this price point and the fact that I will either certainly upgrade to Lightroom 7 or switch to something else entirely, I’d be a fool not to leverage the Creative Cloud Photography tier and you probably would be too.

PS Flash still sucks.

Lightroom CC or GTFO


Nice timeout before relaunch, GitHub. Just endlessly launch your crashing launchd job, that’s not completely stupid and obnoxious.

Huh. 73,627 crashes of your stupid launchd job.

In three days.


Octocat’s gonna need a new name, on account of I’m mercilessly beating the mutant mascot to death with one of those tentacles right now!



Christ, what an asshole.

Yet-another-sexist-codebro-shortstain at a company with the weirdly phallic name of Javelin. I went to the website and I can’t even figure out what these people do all day 1 but I bet their HR department is super busy all the time.

  1. Seriously, I dare you to find an answer beyond “Tools and services to change the world!” and a sales pitch for a book someone wrote about changing the world with tools and services. 

Shut-up, @obie.


I know I’m a bit risqué from time to time, but this is a little severe don’t you think? 😀

I’ve opened a request on the support forum and will no doubt be receiving an exceptionally verbose response repeating my question back to me, and then having an escalation engineer do the same with the added bonus of allowing the domain to be setup for service so I can resume testing. A visit to the support forum has given me much entertainment in terms of overly cautious customer service.

While I was there I got to help a user subscribe to Jewish Holidays calendars via HebCal in’s Calendar so my karma surely is sufficient for swift resolution.

Protected? I'm guessing Inappropriate. You pervs.
Protected? I’m guessing Inappropriate. You pervs.

My filthy domain name