Lightroom CC or GTFO

In late 2013, Lightroom 5 was $149, I paid ~$80 for Edu pricing.

Lightroom 6 will probably have similar Edu pricing (but I’ll be damned if I could find out how to buy it anywhere).

This time around, for Lightroom 6, I elected for a year of Adobe Creative Cloud for Photographers, which includes Lr Cloud shenanigans for photos and Adobe Photoshop for $9/month. “You fool! You’re renting software!” says the dweeb in the corner with his Vic 20 and Mac LC III, “You should buy the software and own it!” but at this price point and the fact that I will either certainly upgrade to Lightroom 7 or switch to something else entirely, I’d be a fool not to leverage the Creative Cloud Photography tier and you probably would be too.

PS Flash still sucks.