Saturday Night

I was in an airport with my wife and we were trying to get to somewhere in Europe with my Dad. We had the times wrong or something and didn’t think we were going to make it through check-in on time and were going to arrange for a later flight.

At some point I wound up on a watch list because I was mocking some lady that operated a ticket counter and was barred from the airport along with everyone else I had associated with at some point in my life and there were fliers being handed out with pictures.

I snuck back in via shuttle and turned myself in to an armed guard once I made contact with the Mrs.

Sunday Night

Somehow I was sharing a desk with a person I don’t like and my new monitor was missing. Also, the person I was now sitting next to had managed to get my monitor arm from my house for their display and was quite pleased with the arrangement.

My new monitor had completely vanished, and so I started making a big fuss over it. I found out that I had actually paid for the monitor and had a receipt and demanded satisfaction.

It wasn’t really a great dream but it’s rare I remember them at all.