Fox plays hardball and asks the really tough questions*

  • This man is lying.

Fox News bravely ignores the obvious question about how in the holy hell did an 8-year-old kid have access to a loaded firearm, and instead shows the sort of journalistic integrity they’re known for and blames Grand Theft Auto IV because Vidya Games kill people, not guns.

It’s that type of double-talk that completely erodes their political position while simultaneously validating the bias you already know is there. It’s not Right or Wrong, it’s Us versus Them. The Fox viewing audience like everything to be about them: Their Money, Their Guns, Their Marriage, Their Language, Their Schools, Their Officials, Their talking points โ€” an echo chamber to validate whatever selfish and short-sighted world view they have because every other channel they turn to reminds them that they’re not the only people walking the Earth.

This shooting occurred in Louisiana, where Bobby Jindal (still!?!) has the State Troopers running around arresting people for consensual gay sex like Vladamir Putin. In Putin’s case it’s possibly legal, but in Louisiana those stupid laws were defanged by the Supreme Court years ago.

The State Department should be issuing travel advisories for Florida, Texas, Virginia, and Louisiana because it has been raining stupid down there for months and surely they’re flooded by now.