FreeNAS 9.2-RC: Shit’s Getting Real

Jordan Hubbard has been in the dugout at ixSystems for less than a year now and already we’ve seen some miraculously fast releases for FreeNAS that include a jump to FreeBSD 9.1 and now 9.2 is a release candidate which fixes some really vexing AFP warnings and errors by virtue of a new release of netatalk build that addresses that issue.

One of the more interesting features added in the candidate for RC2 has to be the addition of Linux jails:

* A jails templating system has been added, allowing the quick deployment of new jails from existing templates and the ability to create custom templates. Linux jail support has also been added and installation templates are included for Debian-7.1.0, Gentoo-20130820, Ubuntu-13.04, Centos-6.4, Fedora-19, and Suse-12.3.


Also notable in that release of netatalk is possible support for Spotlight indexes on AFP volumes exported from FreeNAS, permissions fixes, and some home directory hooks with the FreeNAS admin tools, so I’m not hating those prospects.