Meanwhile, on Planet Batshit

Orson Scott Card thinks that President Obama is building a national police force to recruit gang members and “young out-of-work urban men” to commit acts of violence against Obama’s political enemies when he seizes power and refuses to leave office because: Dictator.

p.s. Ender’s Game is overrated. I’ve never even read it ((Emphasis mine)), but I know it sucks harder than a gas-powered Shop-Vac™ because the people that love it are universally insufferable ‘bags.

My Wife’s ThoughtsWife (who actually read this monstrosity) says that while it isn’t a great book, it’s not awful. She also reminds me that she believes everyone has one good book in them, and that Ender’s Game was clearly Orson’s One Good Book even though it was closer to mediocre or meh than good.

How can I know a book I’ve never read sucks? I know Atlas Shrugged sucks too and I’ve never read that either. Why? Because Randroids are the only people miraculously more insufferable than people that love Ender’s Game. I’d rather read the Essential Collection of Emily Dickinson by candlelight in a 6-by-6 cell covered in honey next to a hill of fire ants while buried under an active volcano than thumb through those pages and risk getting any of it on me.