Rand Paul doesn’t know how health insurance works

They have no idea why when you go to Wal-Mart products are cheap, how they get to one point from another and how they are distributed in such a cheap fashion. Imagine this, imagine if we took Obamacare and put it in Wal-Mart and you had a $10 co-pay and then you could fill a cart up with what you wanted. That’s what would happen.

Rand Paul, Sean Hannity’s Carnival Sideshow

This is a great example of Rand Paul (and Sean Hannity for that matter) embracing willful ignorance. To hear him explain it; liberals don’t understand basic concepts like capitalism. They’re just too stupid to understand it! And then he proceeds to clumsily mansplain this super complicated capitalism thing with a completely irrelevant analogy to make the echoes in the Conservatory even louder.

“Yeah it’s just like going to Wal-Murt with a ten dullur co-pay and getting a stack of free off-brand teevees!”