You gonna eat that?

Who should set standards for food safety and enforce them? Consumers, or shareholders?

The Washington Post reported on Monday that documents and interviews showed that a plan to allow hog plants to replace federal USDA inspectors with their own private employees had produced “serious lapses that included failing to remove fecal matter from meat” in three of the five plants that had participated in a pilot program for more than a decade.

The best part is, pork is just the beginning:

A similar plan for chicken and turkey plants is expected to be finalized later this year.

It’s a splendid idea, really. Who better to protect us from contaminated food than the people that produce the contaminated food, right? Must we settle for tiny little chunks of fecal matter in our tenderloin or cutlets? With no more nosey inspectors and wasted tax dollars on that flavorless and shitless slurry! All those freeloading neutral third-party commies and thugs are finally going to be out of the way of bringing us what we want: real letter-graded meat.