3×08 hellyeah! show: what does the fox say?


In this foxy episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss website re-architecting, Emory’s new photography project, sandals(!), GTA V, eyewear, Editorially, Dispatch, AVG Privacy Fix and Epic Browser, and the new iPhone 5C/S.

Emory’s stuff

  • a new due vigilance website
  • web re-org!
  • wordpress performance is giving me a headache on http://kvet.ch
  • how is it every other wordpress site i have is so much faster? boo.
  • possible culprit: amazon s3
  • incumbent.org newly rejekylled
  • Photography project: Mona Lisa’s Smile

Alan’s stuff


Save Money

Eyeglasses by Warby Parker

  • Frames are very expensive
  • Warby Parker sells them on the web
  • Free home try-on service!

internet & news

  • Editorially (web)
  • Dispatch for iOS is excellent at email triage

privacy & hygiene

  • AVG PrivacyFix for Google Chrome (Requested)
  • Epic Browser


iPhone 5C|S

  • iPhone 5C: a colorful iPhone in step with the iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5S: a high-rent enhanced iPhone with biometrics, enhanced features, baller processor and awesome camera. iOS on a 64bit platform
  • 64bit A7
  • 2x GPU, 2x CPU
  • OpenGL 3 = Awesome 3D performance
  • M7 co-processor for handling physical environment events, driving/walking switching, smarts to know when you are idle and don’t need to chat to the network as often
  • bigger sensor, bigger pixels
  • ƒ2.2 aperture
  • burst mode and slo-mo video
  • really smart color flash

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