3×10 hellyeah! show: at last the nightmare is over!

In this scary episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss custom iOS alert tones, The Last of Us, mass storage, Mediacom and ISPs, Comcast’s unfortunate cable television sign up process, metrics for good couches, gummy vitamins, Pokémon, price matching, recent security compromises, and television do’s and don’ts.

Emory’s stuff

Alan’s stuff

  • Comcast removed unencrypted OTA channels and now does not want me to sign up for an account
    • What I want:
      • no contract
      • CableCARD
      • self-install
  • couch ordered!
    • Orson Sectional from Room & Board
  • VitaFusion gummy vitamins FOR ADULTS
  • Pokémon X

don’t forget Best Buy does price matching

  • shopped around on Amazon.com with my iPhone
  • bought a hard drive from Best Buy for Amazon’s price

Adobe’s compromise

if instructed by its server, it will collect sensitive information such as text messages, phone call history, and contacts.

These vulnerabilities when exploited allow an attacker to… turning on the camera and taking pictures without user’s knowledge, stealing two-­factor authentication tokens sent via SMS


We like (some) TV

  • Breaking bad finale was great
  • American Horror Story is back
  • How I Met Your Mother still sucks