Carrying the Fujifilm X100s

I love a carry post, and while the subject of straps for a camera is rarely as rabid as other conversations about photography I’m going to weigh in anyway and later add to my X100s resources page.


I have a Gariz wrist strap that I use when I’m not using a DSPTCH sling strap.

I use a Gariz felt pouch when I put the camera in another bag, which does add considerable bulk but I don’t worry about scratching it up with the odds and ends that are circulating around it. The half-case you see in these pictures is a JB Camera Designs Grip-Case, and I like it a lot but there is a nice Gariz half case that has a quick-draw release doohickey on it.

The Grip-Case provides access to the battery and card slot but not the side ports on the camera, it is attached via the tripod mount on the camera so there is some flex on the far end but nothing alarming. The materials are good, the texture is good, and it certainly helps me keep a firm grip on the body even when my hands get a little sweaty. 

The wrist strap is not merely cosmetic; it gave me the courage to take this shot, among others:

to everything; churn churn churn