the Naked and Famous Knock Out ya Gold Fronts

Last week’s episode of True Blood closed with a brilliant piece of music from a New Zealand fivesome The Naked and Famous.

For some context on what I suspect is an intentional fistbump by the founders, on Tricky’s record Pre-Millennium Tension the song “Tricky Kid”ย ((interestingly written by Tricky and Lionel Ritchie with a member of Commodores, Ronald LaPread))ย has a section where Tricky recites the lyrics to a Presidents of the United States of America song’s chorus:

“Everybody wants to be naked and famous,
Everybody wants to be just like me, I’m naked โ€”

and famous.

That’s all I got, sorry it wasn’t more interesting. I’m hearing a little Radio Head and Postal Service in this song as well; it has a quick tempo and manages to be a little sexy.