10/10: the Last of Us

PlayStation 3 isn’t only well-known for its number of exclusive games, but for the sheer number of quality exclusives. That’s what makes The Last of Us even more impressive, because not only does it join the ranks of Uncharted, Killzone, God of War, Infamous and more, but it bests them all. In short, Naughty Dog has crafted a game that impresses in virtually every way. The Last of Us is a true feat.

Now that I’ve finished my Mass Effect Massive Play-through1, I am really looking forward to spending time in this post-pandemic United States. It is rare that a game receives this level of praise — and since I just installed a hybrid SSD in my PlayStation 3, I’m not even going to have to make tough decisions to install it.

Edit: I went to purchase this on PSN tonight and realized it isn’t released yet, so I have a little while to wait until it gets downloaded onto my console and I can’t wait!

The dystopian future of The Last of Us
The dystopian future of The Last of Us

  1. Octavia Shepard the Adept saved the entire crew in Mass Effect including the Rachni, uprooted and defeated the Collectors and destroyed the Human Reaper in Mass Effect 2, miraculously saved the Geth and the Quarians in Mass Effect 3, and finally chose to join with the invading Reapers to save Earth and the rest of the galaxy.