The deluded dupes of a multi-billionaire’s “grass roots” movement

Now that those who align with the “Tea Party” have been further unveiled as deluded dupes, stooges, and bagmen, will those conned into this astroturfed screwjob by the Koch brothers and their side-show acts do anything about it? Or will they follow the scripts they were handed and double-down rather than admit to themselves they were deceived? The slight-of-hand and manipulations they’ve fallen victim to have been successfully re-branded as Patriotism, and as a caucus of Exceptional Americans, how could they have been so gullible and so easily self-segregated and gerrymandered?

An orchestrated Federal Budget Crisis manufactured to protect the interests of a handful of multi-billionaires has been unraveled.

Why are we stuck picking the lesser of two evils at the voting booth?
Because we don’t pick the candidates anymore.

The “Tea Party” is not a grass roots movement. It is a fabrication, and the influence it has over our Congress hinges entirely on Supreme Court rulings like Citizens United versus Federal Election Commission, where the Koch brothers’s fantasy of a favored caste was finally given wings. Campaigns funded by a handful of individuals, not the electorate that votes for them.

It’s just so incredible when you step back and look at the 10,000 foot view of this incredible con-job. The Republicans were subtly (at first) manipulated and goaded into participating in something that could very well end their entire party. Freedom and Liberty redefined, pushed into untenable positions and divided from the rest of their Country as a form of “rugged individualism”. This is a scandalous chain of events that undermines their party, the leadership, the very ideology it claims ownership of has been dictated by a couple of multi-billionaires behind a curtain.

The Tea Party caucus is selling their share of the soul of our Country for the promise of a handful of magic beans. Someday.

With polls showing Americans deeply divided over the law, conservatives believe that the public is behind them. Although the law’s opponents say that shutting down the government was not their objective, the activists anticipated that a shutdown could occur — and worked with members of the Tea Party caucus in Congress who were excited about drawing a red line against a law they despise.

A defunding “tool kit” created in early September included talking points for the question, “What happens when you shut down the government and you are blamed for it?” The suggested answer was the one House Republicans give today: “We are simply calling to fund the entire government except for the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare.”

A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning –