Have you seen this man:

He has perfect pitch
He has perfect pitch!

First things first, he’s not Brazilian, and as it happens my favorite Brazilian chastised me for referring to him as such in spite of the fact that the YouTube video plainly says that he is Brazilian. He’s not speaking Portuguese, he’s speaking Spanish.  Who knew someone on the Internet would be wrong about something?

Anyway, I love this guy’s voice for some inexplicable reason, so once again I wound up my copy of Audacity and scrubbed some audio a bit and cranked out an iPhone ringtone of this gentleman playing three different notes and singing three decidedly amazing MUH‘s.  There is a couple of seconds padding between each and I maintained them in the loop, so you can hear him MUH the same three notes over and over again until it goes to voicemail.



(Because I’m cool like that that, I’m also sharing the MPEG-4 AAC audio file for non-iPhones.)