“Thanks, PHONE!”

One of my favorite moments on 30 Rock is in Fireworks, when Will Arnett‘s Devon Banks has come up with a brilliant idea for a celebrity promotion involving a mobile phone.

Devon: Celebrity snuff. Reality content made exclusively for your mobile phone: Oh what’s that? MC Lyte just murdered Danny Bonaduce? Thanks, PHONE!

Devon Banks is thanking his phone.
“Thanks, PHONE!”

Ever since that episode aired, I am fond of thanking my phone every time it does something helpful. Because of that, I did the only sensible thing and made it into an iPhone ringtone (m4r) suitable for importing into iTunes.   The attached archive is a zip file containing the m4r file, because I’m too lazy to configure WordPress to allow me to upload an m4r file.

30 Rock-Devon Banks-Thanks Phone.m4r

It’s almost as good as when G.O.B. is demonstrating his prowess as an Ideas Man, Michael. But that’s another ringtone for another day.